Big Chocolate Ducky with Nuts – Chocolate Stout

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Big Chocolate Ducky with Nuts
4PK – 16oz Cans

BOW DOWN TO THE “BIG CHOCOLATE DUCK WITH NUTS”, our new Imperial Chocolate Nut Stout! Coming in at 9.5% ABV, this thing is NOT to be messed with. Have you seen the new, hit movie “Godzilla Minus One”? It’s like that, but in a chocolate duck imperial stout kinda way.

We’ve known our buddy Zack, who’s starting up @topsailbrewery, for almost the entire existence of DSSOLVR. In fact, he was the brewer at Atlanta Brewing Co. when we brewed one of our very first collabs before opening! Since then, we actually found out that this is our 6th collab we’ve brewed together! Which brought us to ask the question… WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THOSE DUCKS ON JEEPS?!

Mashed with a medley of @riverbendmalt and @proximitymalt Base, Specialty, Roasted, and Crystal Malts. Boiled for many hours, and fermented with our House Pub Ale yeast for maximum body before being spunded for 100% natural carb-o-nation. We then conditioned this bad lil’ number on an insane amount of Peanuts, Almonds, Honey-Roasted Pecans, @frenchbroadchocolate Cocoa Nibs, and a dash of Sea Salt. SO MANY FRIGGIN’ NUTS! This was honestly the highest ratio of nuts by volume that we’ve ever used, outside of a few special barrel society beers! BUT YA GOTTA BE IN THAT CLUB TO KNOW, BUB!

We experience gigantic overwhelming waves of Chocolate-covered candy bars, lil Pecan Turtles without the caramel, some sort of horrible trick-or-treat candy bag gone wrong, and just a wisp of Kaiju-sized Rubber Duckies haunting your dreams. And probably a beautiful cup of hot cocoa dusted with mixed nuts. How cute?!

As it turns out, our very own Jorge is a member of the Duck Cult, and it’s a sort of secret handshake from one Jeep owner to another! If they like your Jeep, then they will leave a lil’ rubber ducky on your car somewhere for you to find, and it’s customary for you to mount said gifted-duck on your dashboard. And I guess they just keep passing them along? Idk, man. Seems sus. But we are not here to judge! GO FORTH AND SPREAD THE GOSPEL OF THE DUCK! AND GIVE JORGE SOME DUCKS, FOR CRYIN’ OUT LOUD!

WARNING: This beer contains nuts! SO MANY NUTS! In case it wasn’t obvious, there are a lot of nuts in this and that’s an allergen. And now you know!

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