Another Damn Skull – Petite IPA

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Petite IPA – 2.8%
4PK – 16oz Cans

Another Damn Skull, our shockingly quaffable 2.8% ABV Petite IPA featuring Amarillo and Calypso hop.. Notes of juicy gummies, soft white pears, and sticky saplings waft straight into those nostrils. Bright sugar-lemon candies, berry compote, and freshly peeled citrus pith come through in big ways on the palate, riding high on a surprisingly  large body thanks to the heaps of Oats and Wheat in the grist. It’s got the qualities you want in a regular IPA — full-bodied and laden with all the hoppy goodness you could ask for — but pared down to a manageable booze level. 

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