Above – DDH Hazy IPA

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DDH Hazy IPA – 7%
4PK – 16oz Cans

Oh…no… Like… Oh, geez. Is that, like, totally a huge monster? NOPE! IT’S A MOTHERF***IN DDH IPA AND IT’S COMING FOR YOUUUUUU!!!! “ABOVE” IS BACK!!!!!

“Above” is a house-favorite DDH IPA, and yes, it is hazy and juicy and hoppy and awesome. Mashed with Riverbend Malt 2-Row and Proximity Malt Wheat, along with some Oats for good measure. Hit in the Whirlpool with Meridian and El Dorado. Fermented with our House IPA yeast, dry-hopped once with more Meridian and El Dorado, and spunded (as always) for dat soft natty carb. Then dry-hopped a second time with EVEN MORE Meridian and El Dorado, and a dusting of Strata and El Dorado Lupomax for good measure. 

We experience soft White Peaches, Bosch Pears in that little cup with the juice, White Gummy Bears slathered in Mango jelly, a faint dankness that’s similar to when somebody on the bus is def holding and you can’t quite tell who it is, and maybe a hint of, like…a big ol’ scary juice monster comin’ at you from above.

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