36 Stairs to Rankin – Salted Orange Double IPA


36 Stairs to Rankin
Salted Orange Double IPA – 8.9
4PK – 16oz Cans

This Citrus DIPA is a sacrifice to the ghosts that haunt our staircase. Duh.

For 36 Stairs to Rankin, we took a hefty dose of Wheat and Oats, added Flaked Wheat and Oats, and then added even more Wheat. It made for one hell of a thick base, which we loaded up with a truly stupid amount of fresh, hand-processed Orange Peels and a blend of sea salts. We slipped a bunch of fresh-squeezed Orange Juice into the Whirlpool, fermented it with our fruity IPA yeast, and just straight beat it mercilessly with Segal Ranch High Oil Cascade, Mandarina Bavaria, Citra, and Enigma.

It’s reminiscent of Floridian citrus groves, “um…no”-sized resin dabs, spoonfuls of overripe passionfruit, and brunch-time fruit salad with just a hint of salinity on the back-end. Meant to do combat with your go-to Margarita, this bad Larry will usurp your Summer cocktail plans and even get your Mom drinking IPA. A truly wonderful mix of dank, hoppy, resinous, citrusy, fruity, and just a touch salty. It’s gonna make you salivate for more. Literally. Because salt. And ghosts. Definitely ghosts. Oh boy, here we go with the bad copy again…

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